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Xavin in 1170 - a sequel

A followup to this, inspired by JK's addendum to his own version (only visible to people on JK's friends list, I believe.)

As before, this will make most sense to LT players who know some of Xavin's history. And have read the previous post.

The sequelCollapse )


Xavin in 1170

Inspired by Gill - this was originally written as a Facebook comment that I decided I wanted to save.

(This will make no sense if you're not a LRPer, and probably not all that much if you are but don't play LT.

Umm... and it probably helps if you've been around a few years, to recognise all the references.)

The game is: It's 1170 AF. Assume your LT character is still alive - where are they now?

I'm not ready to share the details of Smash in 1170, so here is Xavin instead:Collapse )

Edit: There is now a sequel available here.


Mike's funeral

For those of you who may be interested, Mike Mitchell's funeral was held yesterday (Wed 12th August) at Cambridge Crematorium. At his family's request attendance was limited to just family and a small number of invited friends and colleagues.

I hope people will be comforted to know that the LRP community was represented by Sal, Sue and me, and that Mike's love of the hobby was spoken of during the service.

If anyone would like any more information then they should feel free to contact me and/or Sue directly.


Are people likely to be at the Liberty Bounds this Wednesday? If there are going to be a bunch of us to raise a glass or two to Mike's memory then I was going to extend an invitation to any of his work colleagues who might like to join us.

On a related note, Kren has posted (on Facebook) the arrangements for those who wish to attend the wake on Friday night at the Moot but are not otherwise attending the event:

Kren's post cut and pasted below this cutCollapse )

Mike Mitchell

From the huge number of posts on here and Facebook I doubt there's many people left reading this who haven't already heard the news about Mike (aka sack_boy).

I'm still shocked and stunned, 5 hours after hearing the news. There are no words to do justice either to how I feel or to the memory of one of the kindest, gentlest, and fundamentally decent souls you could hope to meet.

I'm forever grateful that I got to share at least some of my time in this world with him - I just wish there could be an opportunity to tell him that to his face.

Jan. 29th, 2009

So, sdar's off to a plot meeting on Sat, leaving me at something of a loose end. Is there anything exciting that I could be doing? Anyone in the London(ish) area who might fancy a day of (say) board-gaming and/or drinking?

Sad news

Link to news article in the Uxbridge Gazette

I didn't know her that well, but I often bought my lunch from her and she always had the sort of cheerful attitude that could brighten up your day.

The news, and the fact that it happened (literally) just around the corner from my parent's house, has left me a little stunned

Spare theatre ticket

There's a group of us (including me, sdar, talking_dog, wyzziwyg, and helenfin) going to see Wicked at the Apollo Victoria on Sat (13th).

Due to a change in circumstances there is a single spare ticket available.

Cost is £38, show starts at 2.30. The ticket is currently in the care of Chris Davis (sans LJ) for those of you that know him, and can be collected on the day.

If you're interested please either contact Chris directly (if you know him) or let me know and I'll put you in touch.

Another concert...

...but a bit different to the last one.

One of sdar's colleagues pointed us at Battle Proms. The Hatfield House concert (Sat 26th July) is the day after our wedding anniversary - if anyone fancies joining us there then tickets are currently available through the website for £28 or on the gate for £33.


I've got a few constructive criticisms, but I'll feed back most of those to the organisers privately (no-one likes seeing their event picked apart in public). There are a few things worth saying publically though:

Not all of the problems were the organisers' fault - a successful CoG relies on the event team getting a certain level of support from various other people within the LT. That support appears to have been rather more forthcoming from some people than it was from others.

I had fun playing, but that was almost entirely down to role-play with other PCs rather than any interest in the plot. I would have just put that down to my own pre-event expectations and intentions (I was pretty much only turning up to see people IC anyway, with no real intention of getting deeply involved with the event plot), but other players who were hoping to be more engaged with the event have reported similar experiences.

The site (Consall Scout Camp) was easy to find and has plenty of room in the toilet cubicles for getting kit on and off. However, I'm struggling to find anything more good to say about it.
It's on heavy clay - so when it's wet (and, unsurprisingly, it was wet) it stays wet. And slippery. And muddy.
Quite a lot of it is surprisingly close to vertical - steep drops don't make wandering around in the dark terribly advisable. Nor do they help when your monster crew has to climb up them when travelling between the monster room and the player area. In both directions. And large lumps of ground blocking line of sight have an unfortunate tendency to play merry hell with FM radio transmissions.
Not a site I'm likely to return to.

Catering, by The Banqueting Club, was excellent. Despite recalcitrant cookers they produced high quality, in character food and should be regarded as a selling point for any event engaging their services.

So, overall it was far from the best event I've been to, but I had fun and I'm not sorry to have spent my weekend on it.


Holiday plans

Having managed to plan a rare few days off work for something that doesn't involve living in a field and/or rubber swords, sdar and I will be spending next week pottering about in Northern England.

I'm sure we'll be seeing some of you at Mr Courtney's wedding on Saturday, but if anyone we know in the area fancies meeting up at some point then do let us know. We'll be staying in Durham Sun, Mon and Tue nights; and based out of Boroughbridge for the rest of the week (so relatively convenient for most of Yorkshire).

Quick post-Gathering update

I'm too busy at work to do a proper post, but wanted to mention a couple of things. There might be a more detailed followup but, given my posting history, I wouldn't recommend holding your breath waiting for it :-)

Gathering was pretty good on the whole - definitely less stressful than the other main events this year if not less actual work. It was too hot, but I'll take that over knee-deep mud any day.

For those that missed it, I've stepped down as an NPC (again). Lots of reasons, but they all boil down to it just being time to go. Obviously, with sdar still NPCing I'm going to continue helping OOC, and Xavin will still be around - (hopefully) enjoying his (2nd) retirement in the Harts - but it's someone else's turn to do the actual NPCing now.

Enormous thanks to everyone who's helped out - especially to sdar, sallyf, and fourmyle for being a fantastic team to work with; and also to aleksrothis for her superb (and bilingual) efforts in organising our Guild desk on Friday (and her ongoing efforts to keep Dave relatively sane).

ummm... that's about it for now.

The Great Erdrejan Fayre

This is unlikely to be a terribly coherent report on the event as Mr Brain is still feeling pretty mushy and elements of it are a bit hazy.Collapse )

Overall, and in the conditions, I think I'm prepared to call the event a provisional success. Certainly not great, and with plenty of room for improvement, but not the disaster it could have been.

Now, does anyone have about a week of real sleep that they could let me have?

Convocation of Guilds 1107 - CANCELLED

We regret to announce that Convocation of Guilds 1107, scheduled to run 27-29 Apr, has been cancelled due to low booking numbers and logistical concerns. Those who have already booked will be contacted directly within the next few days to arrange the return of any booking fees already paid.

Thank you to all those who provided help and support in our attempt to make this event happen, and apologies to all those inconvenienced by ths cancellation.

Rich & Sue Whitaker
on behalf of the CoG'07 event team

Taking a leaf out of die_fleiderhat's book

Subverted from... practically everyone I know on LJ, apparently:

'We all have things about people we know that make us slightly nauseous. Not even in an good way, but in a "Geez! I'm glad I don't have that person's bald patch/hideous scars/debts/sleazy boy/girlfriend/disfiguring skin disease/whatever."

So tell me what you loathe about a mutual acquaintance... then do whatever you like as I'm probably not listening any more.'

And it was all going so well...

So, another of my infrequent posts (only a 3 month gap this time)

Those of you with their ear to the ground in matters LT-related may have detected a sudden increase in levels of staff dissatisfaction (at least in some areas) in the last 24 hours. I'm not going to be the one who leaks the information that I'm not supposed to either, but suffice to say that my declared mood is down to the same news that a lot of other people are reacting to.

I thought it was probably best to leave it a day before posting on the subject - a night's sleep and time to reflect often makes things look more reasonable than initial reactions would justify. In this case, however, I'm still spitting teeth a day later.

Saturday's NPC meeing is going to be... lively...

Harts Event

Can't in all honesty claim to have enjoyed the event. It's not that there weren't moments of entertainment, or great roleplay (or both) - nor can I say unequivocally that I wish we hadn't gone - but there was a fair amount of suckiness to go along with the good.

I'll probably post in more detail later, but some of it's not for public consumption.


Dublin trip

I'm going to be in Dublin for a conference next week (arriving Sunday evening, leaving Wednesday afternoon). Don't know how much free time I'm likely to have to see any of the city, but I thought I'd seek advice from those of you who know the city (especially those of you who live there :-) ) as to what I should go and see if the opportunity arises.

So - what are Dublin's unmissable attractions?